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Sampling With Disembarkation

24/7 0-24 hours

Who should order PCR sampling?

If you want to avoid post-entry quarantine,
Who is asymptomatic but has recently been abroad and wants to know if it is contagious or has had such an infection
Who is asymptomatic, but because of his work or for other reasons he is at increased risk because he is forced to come into contact with co-workers, acquaintances, relatives,
Anyone who is currently asymptomatic but who has previously experienced the typical symptoms of the coronavirus
Who was asymptomatic but had relatives or acquaintances who had characteristic symptoms of coronavirus


Our company was established to provide a higher-than-usual, affordable service in the field of event insurance and patient transport.

The operating structure of the company was developed on the basis of our many years of experience, which we gained during many years spent at the alternative ambulance and the National Ambulance Service.

Our staff has all the exams and licenses accepted in Europe.

Our goal is to operate a high-quality ambulance service in addition to quality service. In addition, our company conducts Official PCR, Antigen and Serological rapid tests throughout the country.



+36 30 231 1314

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